New Roof Instillation from a North Texas Roof Replacement Contractor

Roof replacement with a new roofing system from scratch

It’s easy to take your roof for granted when it’s keeping you warm and dry, but even a roof that’s seemingly protecting you might be due for a replacement. Roofs have lifespans, and it’s not always a hailstorm or fallen tree that means it’s time for a roof replacement. A well-made roof can last more than 25 years, but if your shingles are no longer keeping moisture out, it could be time to replace your roof. 

At Parish Roofing Solutions, we believe in doing things the right way the first time. That’s why our roof replacement services involve a total roofing system replacement. We strip away the entire roof and build from the base to ensure that every level and part of your roof works in harmony to keep moisture out, improve energy efficiency, and increase your property value. 

If your roof is getting old, has leaks, or was recently hit by hail or other inclement weather, contact us at (214) 227-8488 or through our form below to get a free estimate or have a Parish Roofing Solutions representative meet with you in person.

What A Parish Roof Replacement Involves

Roof replacement is about more than just shingles. It’s a process that involves more than 10 steps to upgrade insulation, ventilation, and protection. We make sure that every aspect of your new roof is perfectly installed so that you have peace of mind that your house will stand against the North Texas wind, rain, and sun for decades to come. 

What You Can Expect

At Parish Roofing Solutions, we pride ourselves on our hands-on and personal experience. We know that a roof replacement is often the biggest repair or renovation that you will undergo as a homeowner. That means that you need to make sure you’re working with the best roof replacement experts in North Texas. 

Our Parish Roofing team members are always hands-on, approachable, and ready to walk you through every step of a roof replacement. It doesn’t matter if it’s a planned replacement or fixing a hail-damaged roof, we take each step seriously.

Rugged All-Season Roofing Solutions

We know that North Texas doesn’t see the same harsh winters as the Midwest or Northeast, but an ice and water protector can mean the difference between surviving an ice storm and needing a new roof. Our team installs an ice and water protector on every home as part of our commitment to building your roof the right way the first time.

Your North Texas Roofing Services Team

At Parish Roofing, we are proud to call North Texas our home. We serve all of our neighbors in Plano, Dallas, Fort-Worth, McKinney, Allen, Richardson, Southlake, and the rest of North Texas with a smile and a promise that your new roof will deliver peace of mind.

The Parish Roofing Difference

There are a lot of smooth talkers out there who can’t deliver on their promises and push for what suits them over your best interests. We work with the largest distributors in the country, and there are endless types and styles of shingles you can install. We guarantee that not only will we be able to provide you with a lot of options, but we’ll give you the knowledge to make the right choice for you and your home.   

We’ve worked on all types of residential roofs in North Texas and can help you get the roof you and your house deserves.

Working With Insurance Claims

Handling a damaged roof insurance claim is a stressful situation, but our team will work with you to make the process as streamlined as possible. From our initial inspection to adjustment to scheduling the repairs, we are with you every step of the way. If you have more questions, check out our Insurance section for more info

Why You Want a New Roof From Parish Roofing

  • Increased Property Value
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Return on Investment
  • Peace of Mind Against Weather
  • Remove Mildew and Mold 

Contact Us

If you need roof replacement done right the first time, contact us at (214) 227-8488 or through our form below to get a free estimate or have a Parish Roofing Solutions representative meet with you in person.

Residential Roof Repalcement FAQs

How much is a roof replacement going to cost me?

The number will fluctuate based on material and steepness of roof but the average roof costs $350 per 100 square feet. We also offer financing options through GreenSky. If you have questions about cost, contact us at (214) 227-8488 or through our form below to get a free estimate.

Can you work directly with my insurance?

While you do have to initiate your claim and set up the appointment with the claims adjuster, our representative will be there in person to help you through the process.

My roof was hit by hail but isn't leaking. Why does my roof need to be replaced?

While your roof may not be leaking right now, hail can cause openings in your roof that will let rainwater in during the next storm. It’s also a ripe opportunity for moisture in the air to seep in and cause mold and mildew. If your roof was hit by hail, it’s best to have your roof inspected by a state licensed roofing contractor to determine if you need to file an insurance claim and have an insurance adjuster assess the total amount of damage incurred.

Can you cover my deductible?

Legally, we can’t. Of course, a roofer in collusion with a homeowner can submit falsified invoices. However, doing so is insurance fraud. Please don’t ask us to do this. It puts a real rain on our parade.